Scrum is about Daily Planning, not Daily Status

One of my main appreciations for Scrum stems from the fact that every role has clear responsibilities:
Product Owner – his product’s ROI (Return on Investment)
ScrumMaster – his team’s productivity (hence: master of the process)
Development Team – quality and delivery
Scrum asks the Development Team to meet in front of its task board once a day in a meeting called the Daily Scrum and answer four questions:

I am not happy with the simplicity of these four questions anymore, as I am encountering too many teams that have fallen into their trap. It seems that they are leading teams to thinking as individual warriors battling through their own jungle of tasks. However, the Daily Scrum is supposed to get rid of individual status reports and move towards planning as a team.

Now how do we do turn a status meeting into an actual planning meeting?

Consider this: you as a Development Team are responsible for the quality and the delivery of your product. You know that the Daily Scrum is a short daily planning meeting in order to achieve your sprint commitment in the best possible way considering your responsibilities. If I were a Development Team member, I would simply change the standard four questions to:

Yes, these questions may be longer. Yes, they will take some teams a little bit of time to get used to.
However, I believe that the answers to these questions are the real reason why teams should spend 15 minutes of each day in front of their task board to talk about their shared delivery and the quality of their product increments.
Try it out. Let me know what you think.