Collaboration Hacks for Distributed Teams

Last month I have been invited to join an event for the PMA young crew organization in Austria, an organization that has the aim to foster project management knowledge for young professionals. The organizer asked if I do have experiences with distributed teams and if I can share them with interested young professionals from all over Europe. Therefore, I prepared a workshop to elaborate on success factors for distributed teams, no matter if they are distributed around the world or in the same city sitting in different offices. Although I’m primarily working with agile teams, the experiences shared could be used for any work setting. This is also the reason I named the workshop “Agile flavored Collaboration Hacks for Distributed Teams”.
In my opinion, there are two major categories of enablers for high performing distributed teams:

From my perspective the most important success factor is that the project leader can decide autonomously on how to structure the process of collaborating and which tools are used. If everything is predefined and there is no freedom in adapting to challenges, chances are pretty low that the team will fully unleash its potential. Therefore, be self-confident and define your space of autonomy with your sponsors so that you can decide on important adaptions improving your team performance!
You can find more experiences in my slide deck:
Agile Flavoured Collaboration Hacks for Distributed Teams

Foto: CC0 Creative Commons, pixabay -Free-Photos