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Why borisgloger consulting

Why borisgloger consulting
  • Professional Consulting: We are the number one contact for Agile Consulting in the DACH countries.
  • Strategic Approach: We build upon the strategic foundation of an organization.
  • Years of Experience: We have been working for many years with organizations of all sizes.
  • Established Know-how: We know what works and what doesn’t – and continually publish this information.
  • Practice-Oriented Training: We show you how you can immediately use agile methods in your daily work.
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Based on theory, focused on practical application. The training we offer:

Inhouse Training

You want to implement agile methods in your company? We will gladly come to you and individually train management and employees on agile thinking and acting.

Educational, personal and excellent content.
 borisgloger consulting is absolutely recommended

Rainer Mickan | regiocom AG


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OKR Goal Setting Masterclass

17 Oct - 18 Oct 2019 Köln

In unserem 1,5-tägigen Workshop lernen Sie am ersten Tag die Grundlagen der agilen Führungsmethode “Objectives and Key Results” (OKR) kennen und vertiefen diese Kenntnisse durch praktische Übungen und die...

Meetup Hamburg

17 Oct 2019 Hamburg

nähere Informationen zum Meetup folgen in Kürze

Vertragsgestaltung für agile (IT) Projekte

17 Oct 2019 Ostfildern

Das Training mit Katja Keller stellt den Vertragstyp des agilen Festpreises anhand praxisnaher Beispiele vor. 

Bosnia Agile Day

19 Oct 2019 Sarajevo

We are proud to be Gold Sponsor at the Bosnia Agile Day. Presentation by Tihomir Vollmann-Popovic and Moritz Müller Don’t just use an Agile Lipstick - Agile is more than makeup

PM Forum

22 Oct - 23 Oct 2019 Nürnberg

Vortrag Arved Weidemüller Eine bessere Bauplanung mit BIM (22.10, 16:00) und Christoph Schmiedinger BizDevOps – der nächste Schritt in der Teamzusammensetzung (23.10, 10:30)

PVM 2019: Projektmanagement und Vorgehensmodelle

24 Oct - 25 Oct 2019 Lörrach

Vortrag von Alexander Krieg zu Projekte agiler Organisationsentwicklung – Agiles Change-Management

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Introducing the Agile Manifesto for Development Cooperation

For many who work in the development cooperation field, there is a strong reason why they have chosen this field of work. There is something that motivates us and drives us to do it. Most commonly, it is the desire to change things in the world for the better. Whether it is improving education, redu...

Scaling Agile – a different approach – Leadership 4.0

What do companies like Leap, Freitag, Patagonia and even Apple have in common? They came up with a different kind of leadership; In order to create an agile or self-organizing culture, you need to have people in top-management positions that have a different understanding on how to run a company. In...