Scrum4Schools is a form of learning in which learning teams solve tasks within a fixed rhythm. The individual steps are planned completely independently by the teams. The teacher defines the learning objective and advises the students, who then work out the knowledge themselves. With Scrum4Schools the students take more responsibility for their learning process. The result is intrinsic motivation, joy, personal growth and better results.

Why Scrum4Schools?

  • Motivating: What would happen if students started class before the bell rang? What would happen if they volunteered to do homework?
  • Effective: What would happen if teachers were done with the prescribed curriculum six weeks before the end of the school year and had time to address the individual challenges of their students?
  • Long-term: Students learn to organize themselves – a decisive advantage in the working world.

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Learning with Scrum4Schools finds its way into schools. Read here about selected educational institutions that already work with it.

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Study: Our survey among teachers, students and parents shows There is a lot of catching up to do in the education system and school lessons.

In our blog we continuously publish impressions from our projects as well as valuable tips for the Scrum4Schools everyday life. (only available in German)

We want to bring passion back into schools.

Boris Gloger | CEO and Managing Director

What are the goals of Scrum4Schools?

Learning as a self-chosen challenge is a key element of Scrum4Schools. The two most important goals are to learn more effectively and to better assess oneself (who am I, what can I do?).

At the same time, students learn to work in a team and to appreciate the value of their peers’ skills. They experience that learning can not only give them strength, but also that they can achieve better results together.

Wanting to achieve something together with others, getting involved and taking responsibility for one’s own learning process is also an important skill for the working world, where agile working methods are now part of everyday life.

S4S Checklist

Scrum4 Schools Flow

Remote Scrum4Schools training for teachers

School should inspire! – In this training you will learn how to plan, design and support self-organized learning in teams of students. The training offers an ideal introduction to agile learning formats.

Part 1 – Basics and planning

  • Agile learning values & principles
  • Roles and meetings of the agile learning cycle
  • The planning & preparation phase of a Scrum4Schools project

Part 2 – Introduction and implementation

  • Scrum4Schools sample projects
  • Think tank “My own Scrum4Schools project”.
  • Challenges and pitfalls
  • Tools for digital collaboration with Scrum4Schools 


With Scrum4Schools, children and young adults learn agile principles that help them in their careers. The Scrum framework, on which Scrum4Schools is based, is popular in the business world as a means of implementing projects and entire company transformations more effectively. For the participants of a Scrum4Schools project, there is therefore the possibility of acquiring a certificate afterwards – this can, among other things, support them in later job applications.

Interested classes can contact us via the contact form to get access to the certificate test. The test consists of multiple-choice questions that relate to the roles and the general approach of Scrum4Schools.

Our cooperation partners

Start a Scrum4Schools project at your school!

We’ll help you get your project done. This is how it works:

Get in touch with us!

Use the contact form to tell us briefly in which subject and in which grade level you would like to carry out a project. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Collaborative planning of the learning cycle and creation of the worksheet.

We help you with our experiences from other Scrum4Schools projects to optimally plan the learning cycle with a class. What do you start with? What is the best way to communicate the new approach? How do you create a worksheet?

Accompaniment during the learning cycle.

In the practical implementation there are often questions. We are available to you by e-mail and telephone and will find solutions to possible problems. We are also happy to support you with an appointment in your class.

Joint reflection and derivation of improvement measures for the next round.

One of the most important principles of agility is continuous improvement. We reflect on the Scrum4Schools project together and derive measures for the next round.

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