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That Scrum4Schools is also suitable for distance learning is shown by the physics project of Ivan Topic (teacher) and Anna Czerny (Scrum4Schools consultant) at the Vienna Gymnasium Haizingergasse. They adapted the Scrum4Schools learning method for the special challenges of distance learning and adapted it to the needs of the class. 

IMS Lanzendorf is known for its progressive teaching. It sees school as a place of learning that promotes personality in harmony with the individual performance. With these prerequisites the Scrum4Schools project started in the history class of teacher Samuel Plessing. Each team had the task of developing a booklet of contemporary witnesses.

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In our blog we continuously publish impressions from our projects as well as valuable tips for the Scrum4Schools everyday life.


Scrum4Schools: The Agile Tree for Schools

We bring agility to school! With the student-centered learning method Scrum4Schools, we have transferred Scrum to the classroom design and learning process. Agile principles and…

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How to Implement Scrum4Schools Schools #2 – Create the Framework

Surely you have heard of the so-called “doorstep pedagogy”: The teacher prepares for the lesson at the very moment he or she steps over the…

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How to Implement Scrum4Schools in Schools #1 – Basics

For about three years we have been helping schools and universities with Scrum4Schools to design their lessons in a student-centered way – away from the…

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