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School Should Also be Enjoyable

School Should Also be Enjoyable

Leonardo da Vinci supposedly said that studying without passion destroys the memory – without passion, the memory cannot retain what it acquires. Albert Einstein said, "I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." However, if you look at the schools today, it is hard to find any passion for learning.

We want to bring this passion for learning back to the schools.

To achieve this goal, we invite interested schools and universities in the entire DACH region to start a Scrum4Schools pilot project with us.

What is Scrum4Schools?

Scrum4Schools is a form of learning in which learning teams solve tasks within a defined rhythm. The individual steps will be completely independently planned by the teams. The teacher defines the learning objectives and stands ready to advise the students while they focus on working through the new information themselves. With Scrum4Schools, the students take more responsibility for their learning process. The results of this are intrinsic motivation, joy, personal growth and better outcomes.

What are the goals of Scrum4Schools?

Learning Learning as a self-chosen challenge is a key element of Scrum4Schools. The two most important goals are more effective learning and being able to better assess yourself (Who am I, what can I do?) At the same time, the students learn about working in teams and appreciating the abilities of their classmates. They experience how learning is not just powerful, but that better results can be achieved through teamwork. Wanting to achieve something through collaboration, involving yourself and taking responsibility for your own learning process is also an important skill for the working world. With agile methods, this has become part of the daily routine.

Why Scrum4Schools?

  • What would happen if students started learning before the bell rang?
  • What would happen if they voluntarily gave themselves homework?
  • What would happen if teachers were finished with the prescribed syllabus six weeks before the end of the school year and had time to take on the individual challenges of their students?

Start a Scrum4Schools project at your school!

We help you implement your project. How it works:

Contact us!

Use the contact form to tell us for which subject and which grade you want to implement a project. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Collaborative learning cycle planning and creating a worksheet.

Through our experience with other Scrum4Schools projects, we help you to optimally plan the learning cycle for a class. Where do you start? How do you best communicate the new process? How do you create a worksheet?

Support during the learning cycle.

Lots of question arise during the practical implementation. We are available for you anytime via Email or telephone and will help you find solutions for whatever problems come up. We are also happy to support you in the classroom by appointment.

Collaborative reflection and assessing areas of improvement for the next round.

One of the most important fundamentals of Agile is continuous improvement. Together, we will reflect on the Scrum4Schools project and identify ways to improve in the next round.

Request an offer at no charge.

Find out for yourself. It works with Scrum4Schools.

We are starting pilot projects with schools and universities in the entire DACH region so each person can see for themselves that it works.

Together with our colleague friends in-country and abroad, we would like to make schools more adaptable. Scrum4Schools as a framework should service as a basis for this. Small, self-organized groups determine in their own way how to achieve the defined learning objectives. For teachers and students, this is an alternative to the current forms of teaching.


Get your Scrum4Schools Checklist

Our checklist provides you an overview of how Scrum4Schools works. In it, you find all the fundamental elements that you will need for your project. Take what you need from it and expand it to include any aspect you require for your context. You can also download it and use it to make your teaching more passionate again.

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Carsten-Hendrik Rasche

Senior Management Consultant