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The agile coach is a driving force in the design of an agile organization. If you believe this is your calling, then we have an offer for you: Become one of the best agile coaches in the industry! You will masterfully introduce agile work methods into organizations of all sizes und will support them during the transitional phase. You will learn to lead teams consisting of agile coaches and ScrumMasters and work with top management to achieve their goals.

„Agile Coach powered by bg“ is a six-month long, career-accompanying seminar, resulting in a certification upon completion. In three modules, you will learn how to independently plan, coordinate and accompany agile transformations.

The starting point is your own behavior: In this seminar, you will work intensively on your knowledge of leadership und will learn to take responsibility as well as the consequences of that responsibility. Your colleagues in the seminar will help you self-reflect and will act as mentors – they will show you where your potential for improvement lies.

On top of that, you will receive individual coaching. In three sessions, we will help you improve your personal weak areas.

What can you expect?
Practical work, self-reflection and theory. You will receive a long list of texts and videos of topics that will be intensively discussed in the large group. You will solve team tasks when you are in the seminar.

What will you receive?
We will show you the essence of our work, explain coaching to you from our perspective, let you participate in real experiences and support you with your own challenges. On top of that, we will convey to you the necessary theoretical foundation and demonstrate how to make your team successful. This way you can be confident in front of your peers.

We will show you our success stories, talk about the reality our customers face daily and let you take part in what has made borisgloger successful. Many employees of borisgloger succeeded independently because they were taught the necessary fundamentals and mindset by us. Over the 15 days, we will let you take part so you can also be a successful agile coach.

Target Audience:

  • Experienced ScumMasters, Agility Masters, product owners, team leaders, systematic coaches who are tasked with planning and coordinating agile transitions in their organizations or work in transition teams.
  • Agile coaches that assist managers in adopting agile methods in organizations.
  • Team leaders und department leaders that want to lead their teams in a more agile manner and/or want to launch agile projects.


You already possess months of experience in the leadership of agile teams. Ideally, you will have also worked as a ScrumMaster or in a similar role (e.g. agile team facilitator) and have collected experience with multiple teams. Intensive preparation is required for each module – the required materials and contents will be provided.

Training Contents

In order to get everyone on the same level, we initially discuss the theoretical foundation of Scrum and other agile frameworks. We will explain the responsibilities and how you, as a coach, can help embrace these responsibilities. On a related note, we will also show you the essential techniques of visualization, which make borisgloger consultants popular facilitators.

Admittedly, the theory of agile frameworks is, to some extent, 40 years old. At borisgloger, we did not just design many practices of agile frameworks – we also update these practices with the aid of current experiences und scientific knowledge. Young influences are, for example, the principle of voluntarism and open space agility.

We will ask ourselves the following questions under our motto “Agile Essentials”: 

  • What differentiates Scrum from Scrum 3.0?
  • What connects Scrum, Kanban, and Design Thinking?
  • Why is Lean Startup only a derivative of Scrum?

The main question is what is my role as coach? How do I integrate myself into an organization? Which tasks do I have as an agile coach and which tasks come from my organization? We will not be able to resolve this conflict of roles, but we will show you how you can deal with it.

Carsten Rasche
Kathrin Tuchen

20.01.2020 09:00 – 17:00

Working with the Scrum Team

The agile coach often works as a ScrumMaster with the agile team (a.k.a. Scrum team), even though that is not his actual job. In this module, we deal with:

  • How the agile coach can work with his team so they succeed.
  • How the agile coach can effectively collaborate with the ScrumMaster or Agile Master – coaching the coach.
  • How a high-performance team gets created and what incentives are necessary in order to support these teams within an organization.
  • How a transition team can lead an agile transition and which role the agile coach plays.

Coaching Techniques

  • Role coaching of ScrumMasters and Product Owners across levels (i.e. role archetypes)
  • Fundamental knowledge of change management, including Virginia Satir, John Kotter, Robert Dilts, System Theory
  • SCARF Model
  • Facilitation Toolbox: Appreciative inquiry, collegial advisement

The goal: By the end of this module, participants will have development plans for their teams in hand. With the aid of a transition team canvas, we work on real examples. In doing so, a starting an agile transition becomes attainable and an important corner stone in change management is placed.

Carsten Rasche
Kathrin Tuchen

21.01.-22.01.2020 09:00-17:00
17.02.-18.02.2020 09:00-17:00

Agile Organization Models

If a team works self-organized and the practices are learned, then the design of the organization takes priority.

We will explain different organizational models, contrast the differences between them, and will, through the use of examples, analyze how companies apply these models: 

  • Spotify-model
  • Holacracy
  • Sociocracy
  • Open Space Organizational Model
  • Objectives and Key Results (OKR)

Fundamentals of Systemic Thinking

We believe an organization is a system of communication. Which implications does this have for working with organizations and management?

Purpose of the manager in an agile organization

Management significantly influences communication in an organization. Which are the tasks for management to be able to successfully and goal-oriented direct this communication and how can the agile coach help? New leadership concepts are definitely necessary to achieve this.

The goal: We will explain the model of leadership design in such a way that you can immediately develop one with your own management.

Christoph Schmiedinger
Nina Laenen

16.03.-18.03.2020 09:00-17:00

Verbal and Nonverbal Communication

The agile coach has to set a good example. Hence, this module covers your impact: How do you communicate and how do you behave?

Among other things, the following communication models and theories will be discussed:

  • Communication quadrant according to Schulz von Thun
  • Reflection and self-management
  • Solution-oriented systemic approaches
  • Leading through invitation

The goal:
We will cover elements out of module 2 more in-depth and intensively analyze how you can get management on your side in a non-agile organization. Self-leadership is the key to this. As agile coaches, we know how fast one can be assimilated into an organization and thus miss opportunities for change. We will show you, how you can create enough distance, in order to not oversee the opportunities.

Damla Nalbant
Katharina Clauss

18.05.-20.05.2020 | 09:00-17:00
15.06.-16.06.2020 09:00-17:00

The number of trainees is dependent on the final number participants.

Training Duration

Approximately 6 months

  • 15 days in-person training
  • 3 hours remote coaching per participant
  • Certification to be an Agile Coach powered by bg including a final project

Personal Coaching

Every participant has access to three coaching hours during or after training and coaches are flexible when it comes to appointments. The coaching serves as personal reflection of the specific questions and challenges that arise from your daily projects or you can delve deeper into specific topics. This way we make sure that even complex ideas remain anchored in your mind.


In order to receive the certification, you will write a final paper after the last module about the contents of your training, for which you will have two weeks to complete. The paper will be examined by one of our coaches and will be reviewed with you during individual coaching.

Moreover, you will receive access to our bg portal, where you can retrieve all documentation and content from your training.


€ 9.500,-

incl. VAT

(payment per module also possible)


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