Agile Healthcheck

The power of innovation in a company is determined today by two factors:

Agile product development – if it is practiced correctly – can increase this speed and become the driver of innovation.

With the book 6-D Agile Healthcheck von borisgloger consulting, you will know within two weeks where your company really stands in the field of agile product development. Together, we will take an in-depth look at your company. This will highlight what is already working successfully and in which areas unutilized potential and courses of action still lie.

The focus: The six pillars of successful agile product development

These six pillars are indispensable for the creation of real agility.

We talk with the people who take part in the development process: ScrumMaster, Product Owner, team members, architects, company experts, representatives from the specialized departments and management. Parallel to that, we will guide the development teams through their daily meetings, such as planning, dailys, reviews and retrospectives.

Your advantage

Through intensive support, we will discover underlying patterns that either slow down or promote success. As a result, you will receive targeted suggestions for the organizational development which far exceed the methodical recommendations. In the forefront stands the goal-oriented cooperation in the product development process. 

All results and recommendations will be documented by us for you. You will have a clear picture of the practices, that are already established and successful, which challenges still need to be overcome, and what the next logical steps might look. In the final discussion, we will answer open questions and will gladly advise you on any implementation.


Sabrina Bayer

Senior Sales Manager (maternity leave)