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In-house Training

You want to implement agile methods in your company? We gladly come to you onsite and give customized training to management and employees on agile thinking and behavior.

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With agile thinking, you must always keep up with what is new – through continuous doing.

In our training, it is never just about theory. You learn about “applied Scrum” from us. Taught by people who work with Scrum teams in companies of all sizes – from small businesses to global corporations on a daily basis. We know what you will be confronted with, we understand the regulatory thicket and the headwind of resistance. We are happy to show you the methods, tricks and little secrets to achieve success, as well as the joy of working with Scrum. And each of our trainers do this in their own unique and memorable fashion.

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After you have completed a training with us, you can:

  • complete the online test for your certification
  • download your training materials
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