The Remote ScrumMaster ensures functioning processes in distributed teams. We support you as Interim ScrumMaster or coach your internal ScrumMaster.

The Remote Agile Coach is the rock in the surf that stabilizes the organization. We support you as a Remote Agile Coach or coach your internal Agile Coaches.

By starting your (scaled) projects , you develop your business further. We support you to keep your business running remotely.

To enable your teams to continue working efficiently and effectively, we support you in the design & implementation of remote working models.

We support you in designing your important workshop as an effective remote workshop and are also happy to help you with the preparation and implementation.

In the "Corona" retrospective, we reflect together on what has changed in your company and what we take with us for a more crisis-proof future.

Do you want to learn new skills, get a taste of an agile method or deepen your knowledge of agility? Book an individual one-to-one coaching.

Learn agile methods and expand your skill set with the remote trainings.


To set up an agile organization , individual strategies are needed. With our know-how and experience, we will guide you safely through the transition.

Digital strategies need agile values. In order to be successful tomorrow, it is necessary to take appropriate steps today. We support you in doing so.

Innovation Labs are an interesting method for developing unrecognized potential within your organization. Over the years, we have assisted many companies in setting up innovation labs.

Die Scaling agile methods is a project that is often bound to fail without professional consulting. We will gladly support you with our many years of experience.

In our Management Training, we help managers to develop a new understanding of leadership, promote self-organization and make an agile transition possible

In product development, prototyping saves time and money. With us, you can learn how to quickly and inexpensively test the marketability of your ideas.​

Lean Startup emphasizes learning-by-doing rather than long-term planning. We will show you how to quickly develop a Minimum Viable Product and thus gain new insights.​

With Agile Audit internal audit evolves from a pure control function to a proactive advisory function and increases its added value for the company.


Automotive In the car industry there is a new spirit of optimism. Get the development rolling, you will find the right specialists with us

Finance Digitisation has the banks firmly under control. With the right organizational adjustments, you will benefit from this development.

Insurance Insurance companies need new solutions to keep pace with rapid developments. We know what to do.

Healthcare Do you want to help shape tomorrow’s healthcare solutions? We help you to create the framework conditions.

Agile construction means leaving the culture of working against each other behind and making your company fit for the future.