Agile in Audit

Internal audit, like the rest of the organization, is affected by the increasingly volatile and dynamic business environment. Audit departments are challenged to evolve from their pure control function to a more proactive and consultative function in order to increase their added value for business success. Agile management principles and methods can contribute to this transformation.

A key benefit of agile working is its focus on enabling interdisciplinary teams to collaborate effectively in complex contexts. In agile auditing, auditors and auditees work more closely together, audit results are reconciled earlier, and audit priorities are continuously adjusted under risk consideration.

With the start of an agile journey, employees are given new scope to develop their commitment and motivation. Personal responsibility and self-organization within the team are promoted. A culture of continuous learning and further development is created. The onboarding of new employees in test teams becomes easier and faster, and the attractiveness as an employer increases.

We support you in your agile transformation

Employee empowerment: education and training

Your decision to try agile testing in your organization or pilot it in your department is followed by the empowerment of all affected employees:

  • We offer you a one-day intro training course
  • or starter training for a team (basics and teamwork model essay).
  • In addition, your employees have the opportunity to obtain certification as an Agile Audit Master (with training and final exam).

We have experience in teaching agile principles, roles, meetings, artifacts, and practices in an audit context and are happy to custom design training for you as a team development event:



Agile Check

We support you in planning and preparation, in selecting the first pilot audit and in setting up the working model (roles, responsibilities, meetings, audit backlog, team task board, etc.).

We support you during the audit execution, create method security and help each team member to cope with their new role. We support your agile audit team in living the agile principles as a team and setting up effective communication.

We coach management in building an agile mindset, creating the necessary framework, and solving cross-cutting impediments.

  • Build and establish agile working model for audit execution
  • Provide operational support for pilot audits with a focus on enabling the new roles
  • Set up agile (learning) community

Together with borisgloger, we built up a working model for agile auditing and a community within the corporate audit department. In the process, the coach helped us with his impulses to build up a working model as well as interesting meeting formats in a short time in order to inspire employees with an interest in agile working. The coach was continuously available to us as a sparring partner with her pragmatic and immediately applicable tips to successfully carry out the first agile audits.

Marcus | Auditor and agile master of a large German bank

Agile internal Revision

We support you, for example, in making your current standard audit or planning process as well as your quality management more agile, taking into account regulatory requirements and your internal guidelines, in order to continuously create added value for the organization.

Being agile means living the agile values and principles, such as openness, courage, commitment, continuous feedback or value-driven prioritization. This requires a real culture change. We are happy to support the transformation and optimization of the entire audit function. We accompany the executives in leading this transformation and in developing the right mindset.

  • Apply Agile principles to internal audit processes
  • Support management in the culture change (agile leadership and mindset)


Hélène Valadon

Executive Consultant
Regional Office Manager Frankfurt

Ellen Thonfeld

Senior Management Consultant
Agile Audit Expert