Competition Was Yesterday – Community Leads to Success

In our society, we grow up with competition. We love to categorize or measure, and not just at sport events. The best brand, the best-selling,…


Getting Smarter with Dissent

1906 – Francis Galton visits a livestock show in England. At a stand, people passing by are allowed to guess how much meat a presented…


What is the Right Business Culture?

Five years ago, I had the great opportunity to co-found a start-up for a leading automobile manufacturer as a senior controller. My gosh, was I…

Digitale Transformation

How to Rock Online Meetings 2.0: The Invitation

With all the technological advances, it is very easy to call a meeting. On top of that and to be on the safe side, we…

Digitale Transformation

How to Rock Online Meetings 1.0: The Good Host

Online meetings can be a powerful tool to get work done, they can be a waste of time or, in the worst case, they can…

Digitale TransformationMeetings

Zoom Fatigue?

Tired of all those Zoom or MS Teams meetings? The bad news first: they will continue to form part of your workday and are here…


With Ikigai to More Meaning in Working Life

A few years ago I discovered the books “The Café on The Edge of The World” and the “The Big Five for Life“, in which…


Scrum4Schools: The Agile Tree for Schools

We bring agility to school! With the student-centered learning method Scrum4Schools, we have transferred Scrum to the classroom design and learning process. Agile principles and…


How to Implement Scrum4Schools Schools #2 – Create the Framework

Surely you have heard of the so-called “doorstep pedagogy”: The teacher prepares for the lesson at the very moment he or she steps over the…

Agile ToolsDesign Thinking

Lean Startup: The Safety Line for Every Company

Harvard– experts have found that 75 percent of newly founded start-ups go bankrupt. That’s three out of four! But how do you get the right…



Agile ToolboxScaling Which Framework Suits My Organization? Steffen Bernd 21.07.2022 No Comments Which framework suits your organization best can be an emotional topic. Everybody has…

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