With Ikigai to More Meaning in Working Life

A few years ago I discovered the books “The Café on The Edge of The World” and the “The Big Five for Life“, in which…


Scrum4Schools: The Agile Tree for Schools

We bring agility to school! With the student-centered learning method Scrum4Schools, we have transferred Scrum to the classroom design and learning process. Agile principles and…


How to Implement Scrum4Schools Schools #2 – Create the Framework

Surely you have heard of the so-called “doorstep pedagogy”: The teacher prepares for the lesson at the very moment he or she steps over the…

Agile ToolsDesign Thinking

Lean Startup: The Safety Line for Every Company

Harvard– experts have found that 75 percent of newly founded start-ups go bankrupt. That’s three out of four! But how do you get the right…


How to Implement Scrum4Schools in Schools #1 – Basics

For about three years we have been helping schools and universities with Scrum4Schools to design their lessons in a student-centered way – away from the…

Design ThinkingTeam

Who Recognizes the Truly Good Ideas?

Is it in the human nature to reject novel ideas and look for reasons why they won’t work? The following situation is not uncommon in…

ChangeMeetingsScrum Meetings

Goodbye Meeting Marathon – Feel the Liberation of Going Remote

In large organisations you might find yourself confronted with a common challenge – the illusive meeting timeslot. As a ScrumMaster, one of the first steps…

Agile ToolboxMeetingsScrumMaster

Lean Coffee – the Caffeine Kick for your Meetings

Mornings, 9:30 am in Germany. A friendly regard from colleagues, a delicious Cappuccino and a waffle square filled with milk cream, chocolate and hazelnuts. Splendid…

Agile OrganizationChangeLeadership

Change is evitable – tricking the Lindy Effect

Two of my favorite things to do these days is reading the books of Nassim Taleb and watching some old episodes of Gordon Ramsay’s “Kitchen…



Agile ToolboxScaling Which Framework Suits My Organization? Steffen Bernd 21.07.2022 No Comments Which framework suits your organization best can be an emotional topic. Everybody has…

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