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Let’s move the construction industry forward! Agile construction means leaving behind the culture of working against each other and making your company fit for the future. Because in agile construction with Integrated Project Execution (IPA), we always put the customer at the center.

There are numerous ways to incorporate agile elements into your construction project, whether it’s a traditional construction project or one with an agile focus. Whether it’s a construction organization, project development company, or project management company, you’ll achieve your goals and stay on budget and on time. That’s because the construction companies and planners make a joint commitment to project success and to working together as partners. Executing companies, general contractors and planning offices increase their project success and the attractiveness of the company through customer orientation and cooperation in a spirit of partnership.

Integrated Project Execution (IPA)

In response to inefficiency and working against each other, a partnership-based process has developed in the Anglo-Saxon market: Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is based on the principle that all partners involved share the risk, responsibility and success equally (and regulate this contractually). In doing so, you always see the customer benefit as the primary goal and work together instead of against each other. This process is the transfer of agile collaboration practices and lean thinking to construction projects. 

Together with OPM, we show you how to plan, execute and complete your construction project on agile principles with less stress and more transparency for all stakeholders – through a culture of collaboration.

We support you in the transformation

Agile building, as the word suggests, does not require a long lead time. You just have to get started and decide for yourself how big the steps should be. We support you in your construction project with tools & know-how, concepts for workshops, concrete consulting services and support during implementation. We are available with all our knowledge from agile project execution in the construction industry and with our experience from other industries to make your projects successful. If you want to establish partnership-based collaboration and agility in your organization beyond the project teams, we support you with our transformation expertise.

Our IPA Coaching & Consulting

  • Support in the transformation towards a customer- and value-oriented organization
  • Teaching agile thinking, lean thinking and corresponding methods
  • Facilitation of workshops on needs assessment, target definition, award and contract, planning, construction, etc.
  • Empowerment and training of employees in partnership cooperation on the part of the client, construction company and planner before and during the project

Practical Trainings

borisgloger consulting is one of the first in the German-speaking world to offer training for executives, project managers and project leaders in construction projects using the IPA method. We teach you the essential basics of Integrated Project Execution in a practical and clear way.

In a two-day, interactive course, you can get hands-on training in agile construction project management. What you learn here, you can apply in your company the very next day.

Create a corporate culture that is attractive to applicants

Things can quickly get out of hand on a construction site, especially scheduling and costs. The daily hassle is often pre-programmed. This is no good as a motivator for future employees. The young generation in architecture, engineering and construction is looking for meaningful work. If you are a manager in a planning or construction company, we can help you drive cultural change in your company, making it future-proof and attractive for young talent.

Our experience & references


Whenever the subject of construction in Germany comes up, jokes about Berlin Airport are not long in coming. No other construction project shows more strikingly how disastrous it can end when the focus is not on solutions but on securing one’s own position through as much intransparency as possible. But the construction industry is like all others: Complex structures of the highest quality are to be created within a short period of time, and this by many contractually entangled parties. Not only since BER have many asked themselves whether there are more transparent forms of project management for large construction projects – perhaps even agile ones? Martin Otte and his team at Otte Projektmanagement GmbH (OPM) have found an agile answer for the construction of industrial and test facilities for large corporations.

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