The Symptoms of Change

The first point of contact for health questions for many people these days is Dr. Google. But new, growing business areas like E-Health and Telemedicine along with the boom of health apps shows that the demands and needs of patients and clients have changed through digitalization.

Only one thing remains the same: The cost pressure healthcare institutions are under. The symptoms of change are clearly recognizable – but how to deal with them? The answer: Healthcare companies that are prepared for the future have agile thinking in their blood – often injected through a strategic realignment within the organization.

Recognize Chances Early

In order to withstand the cost pressures in healthcare, it is no longer enough to just reduce costs. Healthcare institutions must rethink their entire supply chain to make it more effective, more flexible and more productive. Establishing agile processes with cross-functional teams and focused communication is a step in the right direction and can drive long-term positive changes in the entire organizational culture.
Agile organizations can more easily solve current problems while at the same time being prepared for the challenges of the future. Agility focuses on continuous learning and thanks to early feedback loops is customer-oriented by design. That way you can be sure your organization does not lose sight of what is important when confronted with newer and always more complex technologies: the patients and the clients.

Fit for an Agile Organization – We Support You in Your Agile Transformation.

Agile Transformation

Agile transformation intervenes in the customary organizational processes and requires a steady hand. As an agile company ourselves, we have learned over the years how to work with agility. From this personal experience, as well as from our work with customers in the healthcare industry, we have developed strategies that you can use to develop teams, departments and the entire organization.

Practice-oriented Training and Workshops

Our team of specialists understand the dynamics of your market environment and professionally accompany you during the entire transition. We help you understand what agile thinking means for management and how you can best deal with the transitional phase. With our practice-oriented training and workshops, we empower your employees to work with agile methods and ensure that everyone is aware of the role they play.

Strategic Work at the Core of the Company

With borisgloger consulting, you are choosing a well-established strategic approach for the core of your business. We give you comprehensive consulting and together with you develop solutions that are tailored to the unique situation of your company.

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