myScaled Agile Practitioner powered by bg

myScaled Agile Practitioner develops customized scaling frameworks for organizations and initiates organization-wide transformation processes. He or she knows the established scaling frameworks (such as SAFe®, LeSS or Scrum@Scale), but also knows that each organization needs individual solutions. In the practice-oriented myScaled Agile training series, you will acquire all the content you need for your successful start as a myScaled Agile Practitioner.

myScaled Agile Practitioner radically aligns the organization with customer value.

Target Group


You have mastered the basics of agile working and are well versed in agile frameworks at team level. Ideally, you have gained practical experience beyond the individual team context as a ScrumMaster, Agile Coach or in a comparable role.

myScaled Agile

Scaled Agility

What makes agile processes so effective? Small, cross-functional teams working on products in a focused and self-organized way. For large projects, you need to scale agile methods accordingly. myScaled Agile is the tailored path to an agile organization.
myScaled Agile

Your advantages

  • You see agility as more than team collaboration models – you implement it as the operating system of the entire organization.
  • You know how to radically align organizations with customer value and structure the teams that are right for the job.
  • You have a broad understanding of scaling agile methods that goes beyond the familiar frameworks.
  • You know suitable processes and tools that enable you to develop, implement and continuously improve tailored scaling models for organizations.
  • In the myScaled Agile Practitioner training, you freely combine the in-depth trainings according to your needs and benefit from attractive training packages.
  • myScaled Agile Practitioner is your guide in the jungle of scaling frameworks. He or she knows: your organization doesn’t need prefabricated scaling templates, but individual solutions.
  • With an internal myScaled Agile Practitioner, your organization is in control of scaling itself and can work with external consultants on an equal footing.
  • myScaled Agile Practitioner designs a framework for scaling where he or she is guided by the existing potential of the organization and the employees.

Training modules and procedure

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions for organizations and also not for your training to become a myScaled Agile Practitioner powered by bg. Therefore, you decide for yourself which modules you want to complete. In any case, to achieve certification, you must attend the myScaled Agile Intro Training and three in-depth trainings.


(Duration: 1 day each)

You will learn the principles for scaling agile methods and implementation paths for customized scaling approaches.

You will learn how to transform an organization’s value streams to create real customer value.


You will learn how to use agile portfolio management not only to enable change and innovation, but to force it.

Big Room Planning

You will learn how to coordinate the planning of multiple teams working in agile, manage dependencies and risks, and ensure a unified understanding of goals.


more information available shortly

You’ll learn how to adapt the legendary Spotify model for the unique context of organizations and what to look for when moving to Tribes, Squads, Chapters, and Guilds.

You will learn how to use Objectives & Key Results to improve internal communication, create transparency, and keep teams focused on shared success.


myScaled Agile Practitioner certified by bg

After attending the myScaled Agile Intro Training and at least three in-depth trainings, you can register for the written final paper. In it, you answer questions about the trainings you completed and reflect on your own use case.

You will also receive access to our bg portal, where you can access all documentation and content of the trainings at any time.


(incl. VAT)

  • Individual Training 590 €
  • Package "Scaling Introduction" 1.090 €

    Intro training + 1 in-depth training

  • Package "myScaled Agile Practitioner powered by bg" 1.990 €

    Intro training + 3 in-depth trainings + certification

  • Further in-depth training 390 €

    Any in-depth training after you have booked the "myScaled Agile Practitioner" package


Carsten-Hendrik Rasche

Senior Management Consultant