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Scrum Tools & Materials

Scrum Checklist

Scrum basis – roles, meetings, artifacts, scaled Scrum. The Scrum Checklist is available in German and English.

Price: € 10,00 (shipping not included)

Scrum Flow

Scrum Flow provides a visual overview of the interaction between roles in Scrum and the sequence of all meetings in a Sprint. Scrum Flow is available in English.

Format: 99 x 67 cm

Price: € 10,00 (shipping not included)

Magic Estimation Poster

This is how estimation works. The Magic Estimation poster explains the process of estimating on the frontside and has the Estimation Scale on the backside for laying down User Stories.

Price: € 15,00 (shipping not included)

Scrum Tools & Materials

Scrum Checklist-App

The Scrum Checklist is a compact summarization of the Roles, Meetings and Artifacts. Precise instructions give you confidence when working with your team, customers, users and management.

The App is available in German and English, for iOS 9.0 or higher. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Download on the App Store

Scrum Tools & Materials

Agile Transition Poster

A successful agile transition – transition team, pilot group, Scrum teams.

Only available in German.

Ball Point Game

Feel the Scrum Flow – game instructions, including all the rules and templates, are available in English.

Scrum Learning Map

This learning map takes you through the Scrum Flow and explains the mindset behind agile practices.

The learning map is available in German and English.