Customer-focused, agile and resilient companies are the goal of the many agile transformations that we are experiencing in Germany and Austria in all sizes and across all industries. The path to this goal is not easy, but sometimes stonier than it should be. One thing is clear: There is no single right approach – the “happy path” – for an agile transformation. All the individual prerequisites of countless organizations cannot be pressed into a change scheme that fits everyone. But there are tools that make the path easier and sustainable success more likely. Even for transformations in crisis – which are more common in practice than many believe – there is reason for optimism. The authors of this book are in the thick of the action themselves. They design strategies for agile transformations, get derailed transformations back on track and, in both cases, accompany the people in organizations until they can shape the next stages of change themselves. All of the approaches presented come directly from practice and have passed their baptisms of fire.