The Scrum Principle: Building and Designing Agile Organizations

(Currently Available only in German)


In rugby, scrum (“scrum”) is the standard situation for restarting the game after minor rules violations or after an out. Transferred from project management to organizations, Scrum can be the decisive move toward more agility – especially in management. Scrum reduces the sluggishness of classic management approaches by accepting that many developments are unpredictable.

In practice, this means that self-organized teams achieve above-average results with the help of fewer but clear rules and methods.

  • – Consistent solution orientation
  • – Clear responsibilities
  • – Flexible plan adjustment
  • – Very flat hierarchies

The practical guide shows how Scrum can be profitably integrated into organizations step by step.

The authors work through Scrum as a principle of organizational development and thus deliver a fundamental practical handbook for managers and change managers.