The Agile Fixed Price: Guide to Truly Successful IT Project Contracts

(Currently Available only in German)


Negotiation strategy and tactics

Agile methods of software development are moving from the exception to the rule. Traditional contract forms such as fixed price or time & material reach their limits the more complex projects become. Very often, failure is pre-programmed because these contracts prevent real collaboration.

The missing piece in the puzzle – The Agile Fixed Price Contract

– Why do agile IT projects need a different contract framework than waterfall method projects?
– How working together in partnership leads to greater project successes.
– Learn step by step how to develop, negotiate and implement an agile fixed price contract
– Contract template as inspiration for your own agile fixed price contracts
– Comprehensive practical examples illustrate the path to a suitable contract

Agility – what is it?

Agile IT projects need contracts that manage the balancing act between a fixed cost framework and agile development – for example, with Scrum. The Agile Fixed Price balances the interests of provider and customer and forms a cooperative model by combining principles of cooperation and flexibility in the design of
requirements in the best possible way.

What is the Agile fixed price contract?

This book is a stimulus to rethink for customers, suppliers, and buyers and provides best practices, contract templates, and argument scenarios.