Successful with Scrum – Influential Factor Human Resource Management

(Currently Available only in German)


If agile methods such as Scrum are already being used in your company and you are involved with agile projects as a developer or manager, you yourself have already experienced that these new development methods present completely new challenges to the company organization and human resources management.

Boris Gloger and André Häusling, who have already accompanied numerous Scrum projects as ScrumMasters and HR managers, show in this book which new requirements HR management has to face and how they can be solved in practice. The spectrum ranges from the search for employees with the right qualifications for working in agile projects (which are actually the right qualifications?) to the question of performance evaluation and target agreements for employees in agile teams to the aspects of how conflicts between the line organization and the Scrum project culture are resolved and how to deal with personnel changes in agile projects. You can expect a wealth of tips and best practices from the authors’ experience.