How to estimate in agile projects: – or why Scrum projects are more successful

(Currently Available only in German)


In classic project management, effort-based estimation is more like an oracle than a statement based on objective measurement criteria. The big surprise usually comes at the end – no wonder, since nothing more than guesses about the future are usually made. Agile estimation says goodbye to costly fortune-telling and replaces it with constant comparison with current knowledge about the requirements of the product. The thinking is in terms of functionality, not in terms of effort. And that’s exactly why agile projects are completed on time and on budget, without overcharging the customer or supplier.
Boris Gloger explains the tools for successful project planning and product development. Magic Estimation reduces planning phases from weeks to days. Design Thinking turns endless requirements workshops into creative moments, and Story Maps turn tedious to maintain Gantt charts into clear and concise pictures.
These new methods manage projects transparently and thus bring certainty to your planning. Estimating and planning projects can be really easy – and this book shows how.