Scrum: Develop products reliably and quickly

(Currently Available only in German)


Many employees at many locations are to work together on a project in an agile manner – what needs to be considered? In small teams, Scrum has long been established as a way for successful product development, but now it’s about other dimensions. Under the pressure of digitization, even large corporations are beginning to transfer the experience gained from agile pilot projects to ever larger parts of the organization. Agile scaling frameworks promise quick and easy solutions, but these prefabricated structures do not lead to the actual goal: the agile enterprise.

In this book, Boris Gloger describes a different path based on his own experience. Scaling Scrum is not about multiplying a method, but about taking a new look at the large project as a fractally scaled organization. What is needed are decoupled product architectures, consistent thinking from the customer’s point of view, the project management office as a prudent ScrumMaster, the desire for fresh skills, supported by modern infrastructures. And finally, it needs a leadership that sees its most important task in enabling collaboration across all levels.