Self-organization needs Leadership

Agile self-organisation needs leadership at its best

This book dispels the cliché that Scrum and other agile management methods work by simply leaving teams to their own devices. Agility does not relieve middle managers in particular of their responsibility. Quite the opposite: agile self-organisation needs leadership at its best – it needs managers who face up to their humanity.

From incentive system to recognition system

– Find out why agile corporate cultures need more leadership than ever before.
– Systemic background knowledge helps you understand the principles of self-organisation
– Create the framework for self-organisation with simple tools
– Learn from the authors’ experiences, successes and failures as managers
– Use the tips and exercises to shape your personal understanding of leadership

The sandwich manager in the trap: Why leading is so difficult today

Everything will be better with self-organised teams!” resound the battle cries of the Scrum consultants who have become legion. A crowd of managers blindly follows them – happy to finally be able to shift the burden of leadership. But why do so many teams fail to organise themselves?

Man, Model, Manager: Agility as a Culture of Success

Boris Gloger and Dieter Rösner show how closely agility, team development and leadership are interwoven. Theory remains in the background – it is not an “agile leadership doctrine” that is outlined here. They tell of personal crises, of their own failures and of recognising how self-organisation can succeed.