Remote Consulting

Remote ScrumMaster

Let us work together to ensure that your teams remain highly productive. The ScrumMaster ensures that the agile development teams can deliver. In times of distributed teams he becomes even more important as a “Remote ScrumMaster”. He gives security to the teams that are not co-located at one location by ensuring that processes and structures work. He ensures that Scrum Meetings are conducted properly with the appropriate artifacts. Thus, each team member remains informed about which tasks are in focus and who can support whom and how.

High-performing teams are created, among other things, through the social cohesion of the individual team members. The ScrumMaster makes sure that the team cohesion and the sense of unity is maintained even during physical separation, so that the team continues to respect and care for each other. Finally, the ScrumMaster has the task of preventing conflicts, which is more difficult and even more essential in a remote situation. The ScrumMaster meets this with regular conversations and with empathy.

This is how we support you so that your teams can remain productive:

Remote Agile Coach

Typically, the Agile Coach takes on many different tasks within the company. He is a trainer, facilitator, consultant, coach, mentor and perhaps even mediator.

If the direct personal contact is lost, this makes many of his tasks more difficult. But especially in a crisis situation, a quick reaction to many questions about agile working is needed: How do we manage to change our working models to remote? How do I manage my employees when they are all in the home office? How do we proceed with the transformation? Do we need a change of direction? The role of the Agile Coach is to remain calm as a rock in the surf and to stabilize your own company with good solutions and to advance it further.

This is how we support you so that your teams can remain productive:

Public Training


Set up (scaled) projects

Are you currently considering postponing a planned project or plans due to the current situation? But at the same time this project is of great value for your company? Don’t let the current crisis restrict you. We are convinced that the business can and must continue to run remotely in compliance with the current restrictions in order to be successful in the long term.

If you start a new project with a distributed team, be sure to “assemble” it virtually, for example with a remote kick-off, in which you present the goal of the project, the possible approach and a common remote working model, and carry out an initial team building. We promise that this workshop will be at least as interactive as a physical workshop on site.

This is how we support you so that your important projects can start:

Design & implementation of remote working models

To enable teams to continue working on their projects effectively and efficiently, they need a smooth transition to a new virtual work model. As a rule, the agile meeting flow remains the same, only the concrete implementation of the individual formats is adapted to the current conditions.

This is how we support you so that your teams can continue to work effectively and efficiently:

Take success in your hands and start with your project. You will not regret it!






Effective remote workshops

You have planned an important workshop from which you expect essential results and now you don’t know whether you should implement it remotely? Don’t let yourself be limited by the current situation.

This is how we support you to make your important workshop a success:

"Corona" Retrospective

The world after Corona will not be the same as the one before. This applies to many issues, private as well as professional. In order to reflect on what is changing in your professional everyday life in your company, what has proven itself and what has not, we offer special “Corona” retrospectives.

  • Together with you and your team, we work out what has worked well during the crisis and what you should definitely continue and maintain.
  • At the same time, we will jointly evaluate what we need to do to better prepare your company for further crises.
  • The reflection should help you and your team to make the best out of the current situation and take valuable learning experiences with you into the future.
  • It does not matter what kind of team you have. Agile product development teams, task forces, teams in daily business or at management level thus take advantage of the opportunity to discuss, debate and preserve their experiences in a small circle.

This is how we support you:

Agile Leadership

Any manager who wants to be prepared in a constantly changing environment needs new ways of working and methods in addition to an extended mindset. In the „Agile Leadership“ workshop series managers learn these new working methods, build up new skills and are accompanied and supported by experts in co-working sessions.

In this way we support you so that your teams can continue to work effectively and efficiently:

Remote agile trial session or individual coaching

Learn in a 1:1 training to visualize agile on the tablet and to cast thoughts, ideas and processes into pictures.

Do you want to learn new skills in an individual coaching session, get a taste of an agile method or deepen your knowledge of agility? Our consultants are available for individual coaching sessions. Together with you, we agree on the content, duration and scope of the coaching.

Be inspired by our offer and contact us for an individual one-to-one coaching.


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