Bettina Kohlmeyer

There’ s no such thing as can’t. Obstacles don’t stop Bettina Kohlmeyer from taking action; on the contrary, clearing them out of the way is her incentive. Bettina remains calm even when the clock is ticking and others are getting nervous. Leadership is an important part of change for Bettina. As an Interim ScrumMaster or Agile Coach, often working in a scaled environment, she protects her teams when external pressure increases and enables them to work in a focused way.

She first came into contact with Scrum in the scaled environment of a banking group. What has fascinated Bettina about agile methods ever since is the transformation of a team from a group of lone warriors to a cross-functional collaboration in which everyone contributes their strengths, learns from each other and achieves success together. Supporting people and organizations in their autonomy and development is her calling. In her free time she enjoys the freedom of nature while riding, hiking or exploring.




  • Ship Finance Manager
    Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
  • Banking Manager (BC)
    GAW Rastede
  • Bank Clerk
    Raiffeisen-Volksbank Fresena eG, Norden

Business languages

  • German
    Native languager
  • English


  • Agile Coach in a scaled environment
  • Team and role coaching as well as further development
  • Conceptual design and execution of workshops & trainings in an agile context
  • Industry focus: Automotive and Banking

Further education

  • ScrumMaster (powered by bg)
  • Product Owner (powered by bg)