Dennis Bayer

As a mechatronic and industrial engineer, Dennis Bayer is naturally fascinated by technical challenges. He has worked with agile methods in the automotive, software and hardware industries for many years and appreciates its usefulness in product development. He especially likes setting up innovation labs, which are a core component and an impetus for change in large corporations. He is convinced that the example and experience of agile management in an innovation lab helps with rethinking products.

Through his experience, he has learned to pay particular attention to one thing: the communication between people. For him, it is one of the most important factors for mastering the complexity in projects. The most important prerequisite for successful communication is respect for the individual, regardless from which department, hierarchy level or cultural circles they come. Dennis Bayer sees himself as a coach that promotes respect in order to make the collaboration between all those involved in the project more pleasant and motivates people to perform their best.


  • Master Degree in Industrial Management, Master of Engineering
    HTW Aalen
  • Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering
    HTW Aalen
  • Qualified Automobile Mechatronic
    Hanser & Leiber GmbH

Business Languages

  • German
    Native Speaker
  • English
  • Spanish
    basic knowledge
  • Japanese
    basic knowledge


  • Implementing and coaching Agile/Scrum for an innovation team in the solar industry
  • Coaching a development team in the automobile industry, as well as planning department-wide Roll-outs
  • Setting up a Digital Factory Labs in the automobile industry and implementing Design Thinking methods

Further Education

  • ScrumMaster powered by bg
  • Product Owner powered by bg