Matthias Werner

Management Consultant

As a long-time, experienced IT project manager, Matthias Werner knows all too well the Waterfall method and understands which factors can lead to problems. What fascinates him with agile working methods is how you can gain control of complex tasks with simple rules.  However, you need discipline for this and Matthias Werner sets the example through his dependability and high level of commitment.

Matthias Werner, along with his ability to analyze and conceptualize, is a great communicator and has a sense for dynamic relationships in groups. This helps him to quickly adjust to people and situations.




  • Part-time study of Business Administration (BA)
    Verwaltungs- und Wirtschaftsakademie Lüneburg
  • Industrial Clerk (IHK)

Business languages

  • German
    native speaker
  • English


  • Interim ScrumMaster
  • Role Coaching for ScrumMaster and Product Owner
  • Workshops on Implementing Scrums

Further education

  • Professional Scrum Master (
  • Certified Scrum Master (Scrum Alliance)
  • Product Owner powered by bg
  • Lean Agile Procurement
  • Bikablo Basics
  • Kanban Intro by bg