Paulina Heins

Senior Management Consultant

Communication – verbal and non-verbal – is one of the most important linchpins in Paulina’s work. With her natural feel for systems and moods in the room, she manages to react amazingly fast at any time and pull out the right tools from her bulging agile toolbox to take teams to the next level. When necessary, Paulina puts her finger on the pulse. She makes it difficult for elephants in the room with her authentic and open manner. Communicating appropriately and leading with poise – she also teaches these two success factors to managers.

In her free time, Paulina also continues her education in body-oriented trauma work. Her knowledge of our central nervous system is also of great benefit to her in her job.






  • Media, Communications and Development (M.Sc.)
    London School of Economics and Political Science
  • International Business Communication (B.A.)
    accadis Hochschule Bad Homburg

Business languages

  • German
    Native Speaker
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
    basic knowledge


  • Banking & Finance
  • Project management
  • Development of Media- & Communications Strategies
  • Workshops on Implementing Scrums
  • Role Coaching for ScrumMaster and Product Owner
  • Interim ScrumMaster
  • Creation & Leadership of Agile Teams in Scaling

Further education

  • Visual Scrum powered by bg
  • ScrumMaster powered by bg
  • Product Owner powered by bg
  • Selforganization need leadership
    Boris Gloger
  • Open Space Agility
    Miriam Sasse
  • faciliation curicculum
  • System setups (in training)
    DGfS/ TeamBenedikt