Thomas Puta

Thomas Puta

How is intrinsic motivation developed in a company from which creativity and ultimately greater productivity is generated? As an occupational psychologist, Thomas Puta is convinced that agile management frameworks create the conditions for this because it puts responsibility back in the hands of the people. Being able to listen and recognize what motivates the people in an organization and what they need is one of Thomas Puta’s strength. In his view, what we internalize determines the quality of our teamwork.

As a capable analyst that always has an eye of the big picture, Thomas is able to create the connection between individuals and the goals of the organization through clear communication. But he also hast he courage to break the rules in order to get the best result for all those involved.


  • Degree in Psychology (B.Sc., M.Sc.)
    Specialization: Work and Organizational Psychology, Community Psychology

Business Languages

  • German
    native speaker
  • English


  • Interim ScrumMaster
  • Role Coaching for ScrumMaster and Product Owner
  • Workshops on Implementing Scrum

Further Education

  • ScrumMaster powered by bg
  • Product Owner powered by bg
  • Qualified Trainer
  • Certification Workshop on Personal Development for Coaching, Leadership Development & Management Diagnostic
    Consulting Group Berlin
  • Training in Vastu (eastern holistic architechture teachings)
  • Training in Building Biology