Top 10 Reasons for borisgloger


We are convinced that you know your company best and can implement changes yourself.

Extensive consulting is not always necessary for this. However, if you get stuck and need a sparring partner, we will support you in a targeted and unbureaucratic manner.

1. We deliver.

Quickly and effectively. We don’t just talk, we solve our customers’ problems every day.

2. We work strategically and operationally.

We tackle where it hurts. We combine sustainable transformation at management level with work directly in your day-to-day business. And we make sure that your projects stay on time and on budget.

3. We train in a practice-oriented way.

We empower your employees. What you learn from us, you can apply immediately.

4. We love what we do.

And you can see that. In the way we work – because you can feel that we have fun. And by our ability to inspire people.

5. We are always there.

We offer our consulting and training services in consistent quality remotely, on-site and in a hybrid model.

6. We come to leave.

We guide you safely to be successful by yourself. And we only stay as long as we can deliver added value for you.

7. We are always state of the art.

We know what works and what doesn’t – and publish about it on an ongoing basis.

8. We live agile.

In our own company – for more than 10 years. Today, we are the first point of contact for agile consulting in the entire DACH region. Organizations of all sizes trust our advice – from medium-sized businesses to DAX corporations.

9. We are sustainable.

We support companies in developing sustainable business models. We constantly question our own working methods and our actions. It goes without saying that we are compensating our CO2 footprint since the founding and we avoid emissions wherever possible.

10. We take responsibility.

For our actions and for society. borisgloger is committed to sustainable social development with initiatives such as Scrum4Schools, QLab and Future City Lab.

Your Strategy for Transformation

Agile frameworks develop their full strength when they are tailored to the individual dynamics of a company. This is exactly where our strength lies. We develop custom-fit strategies and accompany you on your way to an agile organization.