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With agility towards your digital future. We support you in your transformation. 

Digitalization Needs an Agile Entrepreneurial Spirit

To keep pace with the future, companies must become digital – this can only be achieved with agile ways of working. The transformation is a challenge. But with courage to change, great things can emerge – even a European Silicon Valley.

Your Company is Unique. Just like Our Consulting.

There is no universal path to an agile organization. But there are empirical values and methods that will be useful to you. Let’s work out the right strategy for your company together.

We have already planned and successfully implemented many transformations. You too can benefit from our extensive know-how.

We offer our consulting and training services in consistent quality in a remote setting, on-site and in hybrid models.


Top 10 Reasons for borisgloger

We are convinced that you know your company best and can implement changes yourself. Extensive consulting is not always necessary for this. However, if you get stuck and need a sparring partner, we will support you in a targeted and unbureaucratic manner.


Certified Value Creation

Agile methods help to implement transformation processes faster and more effectively.

Agile Trainings

Agility has to be learned. The best way to do this is hands-on and with a fun factor. From certified trainers who drive positive change in renowned companies every day.


Which Agile Training is Right for You?

You want to implement Scrum, work agile with your colleagues or are interested in the agile leadership style? Here you will find some of our trainings sorted by typical use cases.

Blog Highlights

We publish blog posts continuously and offer exciting insights into agile working. Get practical tips from our experts. Here you can find some selected highlights.

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A thought experiment to start with: It is the year 2032. You are asked for an interview in which you...

How to formulate suitable check-in questions – what I have observed

Why do we even “check in”? Why do we need to arrive? What benefit do we expect from asking a supposedly “random” question at the beginning of a meeting?

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