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Why borisgloger consulting

Why borisgloger consulting
  • Professional Consulting: We are the number one contact for Agile Consulting in the DACH countries.
  • Strategic Approach: We build upon the strategic foundation of an organization.
  • Years of Experience: We have been working for many years with organizations of all sizes.
  • Established Know-how: We know what works and what doesn’t – and continually publish this information.
  • Practice-Oriented Training: We show you how you can immediately use agile methods in your daily work.
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Based on theory, focused on practical application. The training we offer:

Inhouse Training

You want to implement agile methods in your company? We will gladly come to you and individually train management and employees on agile thinking and acting.

Educational, personal and excellent content.
 borisgloger consulting is absolutely recommended

Rainer Mickan | regiocom AG


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Xing Puls HR Hamburg

26 Mar 2019 Hamburg

Jochen Hoepstein mit Talk#1 zu HR in agilen Organisationen

Finanzdienstleister der nächsten Generation

27 Mar 2019 Frankfurt

Agilität als Erfolgsfaktor im Wandel zur digitalen Bank - um 15:20 mit Christoph Schmiedinger und Nina Laenen

Meetup Wien

03 Apr 2019 Wien

Agile Game Night sponsored by bg und RBI: Selbstorganisation & Kommunikation

Meetup Hamburg

04 Apr 2019 Hamburg


Agile Days Istanbul

04 Apr 2019 Istanbul

Eröffnungskeynote von Boris Gloger: "Self-organization needs leadership"


09 Apr - 11 Apr 2019 Wien

Vortrag von Boris Gloger zu "Selbstorganisation braucht Führung"

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Scaling Agile – a different approach – Leadership 4.0

What do companies like Leap, Freitag, Patagonia and even Apple have in common? They came up with a different kind of leadership; In order to create an agile or self-organizing culture, you need to have people in top-management positions that have a different understanding on how to run a company. In...

Scaling Agile – a different approach – Do Scrum or any other Agile Management Framework

Scaling Agile can be a big challenge for companies as they have to make significant adjustments throughout the organization. However, how to manage this kind of change? One of the basic ideas of Scrum and other Agile Management Frameworks is to create reflexive processes. Why is that necessary? You...

I cannot see, what I do not know – why agile transitions need guidance.

Have you ever searched for something you did not know what it is, how it looks like or where you could find it? Sure you have. You even may have heard, read about it or maybe even seen it but you never experienced it for real. But, why do I ask this question? What Agile and the jungle h...