Anybody can talk about agility.
In our company, we live it.

borisgloger consulting is a leading consulting company for agile organization and product development, supporting companies of all sizes with their transformation and innovation processes. We are an agile company ourselves and say from personal experience that agility can be challenging and requires courage, reflection and openness. But it’s worth it. As your number one point of contact in the DACH region, we can show you how to establish a foundation for agile thinking. We support you with solid know-how and holistic strategies which have been continuously refined over the years.

Boris Gloger


With Self-Confidence to Success

Agile transformations are a continuous process because an agile organization is a learning organization. Our objective is to accompany you and the people in your organization on the first stage of this journey so that you are able to independently achieve your goals in the future.

Boris Gloger | Founder and CEO

Our Company at a Glance

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Professional Consulting – in the entire DACH region

Six locations, one objective. 

As one of the leading agile consulting companies, we are represented in the entire German-speaking region. This allows us to quickly be where you need us: with you at your company. First, we carefully listen to what you tell us about your company and your goals. We take a look at the Status quo and tell you our honest opinion about what we see – not on what you would like to see. Because we agree that successful consulting is only possible when we see eye-to-eye. Let’s get to know each other!



A Success Story

Ihre ersten durchschlagenden Erfolge feierte die agile Bewegung am Ende der 1990er-Jahre in den USA. Mit borisgloger consulting ist agiles Consulting seit 2010 auch in Deutschland und Österreich angekommen. Und hat vieles ins Rollen gebracht.

2018 – The rise to a medium-sized company: borisgloger employs over 60 people.


Ein klares, gemeinsames Wertebild ist der Antrieb für den Erfolg einer Marke. Es motiviert, gibt unseren Zielen Bedeutung und dient als zuverlässiger Maßstab für Entscheidungen. Wir fragen uns bei allem, was wir tun: Entspricht das unseren Werten?

We work with

We work with
  • exzellent: Nur das Beste ist gut genug. Unser hoher Anspruch spornt uns an, Großes zu leisten und auch kleine Details von allen Seiten zu betrachten.
  • transparency: We say what we think and discuss problems or wishes directly. The opposite also applies: We are open for suggestions and are happy to receive constructive feedback.
  • generosity: For us, helping others is self-understood. We are rewarded with a friendly working atmosphere and the recognition of our customers.
  • inspiration: We love what we do. And you can see it. In the way we work – because you can sense that we are enjoying ourselves. And in our ability to inspire people.
  • courage: We are open to new ideas and face the challenges of our daily work. We face difficult situations with rational thinking and good preparation.
  • well-founded knowledge Know-how is the basis of our consulting. We are well organized, work with scientific methods and continuously acquire new knowledge. respect: We treat others the way we want to be treated. At eye level. With respect. And with full appreciation.
  • respektvoll: Wir behandeln andere so, wie wir selbst behandelt werden wollen. Auf Augenhöhe. Mit Respekt. Und voller Wertschätzung.
  • responsibility: Handshake quality is more than just a buzzword for us. We keep our promised and take responsibility for what we do.