Agile Frameworks

Scrum does not split the process into sequences; instead, it breaks down the product into individual pieces. The team is able to present a minimum viable product in a short period of time.

Kanban has many parallels to Scrum but uses a somewhat relaxed organizational framework and doesn’t define how the development steps must be performed.

OKR is a structured management framework which enables you to define strategic goals across the company and achieve measurable results.

Design Thinking is a creative framework used to come up with ideas, which not only touches upon Design Methods but also is directly oriented towards the user.

LeSS is used to reduce complexity in large organizations and return focus to the product and its benefit for the user.

When LeSS reaches its limit, LeSS Huge presents a framework that is capable of dealing with several thousand employees.

As a relatively new framework, Holacracy offers an alternative to the conventional top-down chain of command in management.