Sustainability is not a Sprint, but a Marathon!

As agile consultants, we help companies deal with complexity and achieve goals. We know: Only if we are truly convinced of what we are doing, we can achieve great goals. We are convinced that we have to do our part right now for a fair and public good oriented world.

Sustainability: Dare to Change!

Our future is all about sustainability – and not just in the ecological sense.
It’s about meaningful work, sustainable education and value creation. We asked ourselves: How can we contribute to this ourselves

One of our missions: We want to work together with you on your sustainable projects!

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Our Contribution for the Future

We want to make our contribution to a future in which people can enjoy their work and live well, in which companies operate responsibly, in which the environment is healthy and all generations can enjoy a world worth living in.


We are a Climate-Neutral Company

We are climate neutral: This means that we offset the CO2 emissions of our company.

1. Determination of CO2 Emissions

ClimatePartner has recorded the relevant CO2 emission sources of our operations. The analysis and annual update of our balance sheet enables the implementation and control of measures on how we can further avoid and reduce CO2.

2. Offsetting CO2 Emissions through a Climate Protection Project

Climate protection projects save CO2 – for example through reforestation measures or the replacement of climate-damaging technologies. We offset greenhouse gases by supporting the Social Impact, India und hydroelectric power in Virunga, D.R. Kongo.

3. Trace CO2 Compensation

The ClimatePartner process with an order-related ID number makes climate neutrality transparent and traceable: At you will find the certificate of our climate neutrality with information on how much CO2 has been offset by the company and which climate protection project we support.


Solar-Based Economy

Solar energy through photovoltaic systems is our future for a livable environment. In order for Germany to reclaim its pioneering role, policymakers must set the course for decentralized, nationwide electricity production in which everyone can become an electricity supplier.

Learn more in our new position paper Future of Photovoltaics in Germany (only in German).

German Sustainable Business Association

The German Sustainable Business Association (BNW, formerly UnternehmensGrün, based in Germany) advocates an ecological orientation and renewal of the economy. The focus is on small and medium-sized enterprises.

With a donation of 90.000 Euros borisgloger consulting is a committed member to its own corporate responsibility for the economy, the environment and society.

QLab Think Tank

In the QLab think tank, visionary minds work on specific issues relating to livable cities, new mobility and sustainable innovations, and develop user-oriented and sustainable ideas for new business models based on trends, technologies and market requirements.

Together with Andrea Kuhfuß, Boris Gloger started the company at the beginning of 2021. Here you can learn more about QLab Think Tank

Economy for the Common Good Germany

Since the end of 2022, borisgloger consulting has been a member of Economy for the Common Good Germany. The purpose of the association is to promote and establish the Economy for the Common Good (ECG) as a sustainable economic model in Germany. By joining, borisgloger consulting commits itself to aligning all activities, including relationships with suppliers and customers, on the basis of common good-oriented values. The common good balance sheet, which is based on a standardized approach and classifies member companies using an evaluation system, serves as a benchmark.

Learn more about the common good economy here.

Agility is a Social Innovation

On the one hand, agility is an innovative approach to the organization of projects and processes. On the other hand, agility is also to be understood as social innovation: It puts people and their abilities at the center, demands independent thinking and action, and thus has the potential to positively develop society. For us, it goes without saying that we play our part and use our know-how to help shape this development.

Scrum4Schools - Learning with Enthusiasm

Learning processes are complex – comprehensive knowledge can only be acquired in small steps. But today’s schools often deprive children and young people of the joy of learning and discovery. With Scrum4Schools, we have transferred agile thinking and the development of new knowledge to the classroom: It helps students to develop the learning material in a self-organized and responsible manner within the given framework. Own ideas and points of view get a space and this promotes the self-motivation decisively.

We invite schools, universities and colleges throughout the German-speaking world to join us in launching pilot projects. Start yours now.


Promote Self-Organized Working

As an agile company, we value extensive freedom to make decisions, flexible working hours and ongoing training opportunities. Our consultants plan independently and receive the support they need to contribute to our shared success. In return, we expect each individual to act in the best interest of the entire organization. We require an entrepreneurial spirit as well as a high degree of reflectiveness and courage. This is challenging, but appreciative. borisgloger consulting is a company in which we can all actively shape and implement ideas..


Let Us Work Together on Your Sustainable Projects

The pressure on companies to develop sustainable business models is growing. That’s why we put our Agile expertise at the service of your sustainable plans.