Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a high-level creative framework for finding ideas, which not only touches upon Design Methods but is also directly oriented towards the user. In order to get a diverse view of the problem, Design Thinking uses people from the most varied specialized areas to work together and observe the user to gain new insights.

Design Thinking is an Iterative Process

How does it work in practice? In Design Thinking, you make clearly structured processes and steer them into recurring loops. Doing this allows you to find out what the user really needs to solve their problem and then be able to let these finding flow into the continued development of the product.

This is the Process:

1. Understand

2. Observe

3. Formulate brainstorming questions

4. Develop an idea from it

5. Quickly build a prototype

6. Test it

Thinking "Out of the Box" – Brainstorming in Design Thinking

Work visually

Only one person speaks

Encourage crazy ideas

Put criticism on the side

Quantity is important

Stay on topic

Build on the ideas of others

When is This Useful?

Design Thinking is suitable for tasks where it is often uncertain what the user really needs and the product and how to build it has not been determined. Design Thinking creates a structure to undertake something even with this unclear initial position by giving the team space to tackle the fundamental problem.

You Want to Use Design Thinking as a Method for Innovation?

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