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As the leading partner for agile consulting in the German-speaking region, we hear again and again: You are different. We appreciate this because being different is what makes us successful. Our consultants come from the most varied backgrounds and each one brings something special with them. An unconventional way of looking at things or a unique ability. But there is one thing we all have in common: Agile and self-organization are not just a bunch of methods for us, they are how we conduct ourselves. We practice what we tell our customers every day. This can be somewhat challenging, but we know it is worth it. And we look for colleagues that see it the same way.

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Openness is key for us



Openness is key for us




We are not looking for resumes, but for strong characters with tangible enthusiasm – for agility and self-organized work. As a consultant at borisgloger, you can contribute your individual skills and continuously develop them. Provided that you are critical and able to take criticism, have a desire for personal development, tackle instead of complain and can also handle defeats – and you are not afraid of flying.

Yes, our daily routine is demanding and sometimes really exhausting – but fulfilling. You can expect a determined team, extensive freedom to make decisions, continuous training opportunities and exciting work in a challenging, agile environment.

Are you the perfect fit for our team? Then you should apply. And convince us of it.

Checklist for Applicants:
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You get individualized support. With continuing education, internal training and whatever else you need for your work. We give you the opportunities – you must be the one to use them.


What started as a one-man show is today a company with over 60 employees. We are continually growing and are currently increasing our international presence.


In our company, we live agility and self-organization. You are responsible for the goals that are set – how, where and when you work on them is completely up to you.


Design the working world of tomorrow together with us. With us, you experience something new every day and constantly meet fascinating people.


At BG, you work in small teams where your skills are needed immediately. We maintain a cooperative collaboration and ask for help when it is needed.


We work hard and are successful. Celebrating this success also goes along with this. At our events, as well as other events, we share our experiences and enjoy our mutual success.


Our motive: Agile values

  • Respect: At borisgloger, many people with different views and ways of working work together. We treat our colleagues with respect – even if we don’t always have the same opinion.
  • Courage: “Doing as a way of thinking”. We don’t always take the easiest path and instead try something new – with all the risks that are involved. Having courage means being able to fail sometimes.
  • Focus: We concentrate on what is essential, work as focused as possible on one task in order to get the best result.
  • Openness: We are transparent with our figures and make them available for all of our employees. For us, openness also means being able to speak honestly and directly about our weaknesses.
  • Commitment: We follow a principle that working is voluntary. We work because we want to work. Instead of delegating, we give an invitation. If the invitation is accepted or not lies in the individual discretion of our employees.
  • There is another value within these values: Trust. This value has two directions. Trust that everyone gives their absolute best and support each other. And trust that our customers are open to other ways of managing and are willing to try new methods.


People who want and are able to work self-organized and take on responsibility. If you like being on the road, want to continually develop yourself and want support our customers as an expert in the area of agile methods, then we’re the right company for you.
We require that you have completed a degree or professional qualification at a university or career school and fundamentally like to learn new things.

After we receive your application, we review your documents and, if applicable, conduct a preliminary 30-minute interview – depending on your location, either per telephone or in our Vienna office. If we think you might fit to our company, we make your application available to the teams at our various locations. If a team is interested in you, they will invite you for a personal interview. Finally, the team members decide if you are a good fit for the team. If this is the case, our HR department will contact you with a contract offer and will deal with all other formalities.

We keep you informed about the progress of the application process and will let you know our decision as quickly as possible.

HR Excellence Awards

We have been awarded – with the HR Excellence Award 2019 by Quadriga Media Berlin in the category “Employee Engagement“. With our salary guild, we convinced the expert jury and are proud of the concept behind it: A fair and transparent process by employees for employees that promotes equality and equal pay – based on self-assessment and external assessment, agile methods, predefined salary bands and a special salary adjustment matrix.


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