Why Agile is the Working Model of Digitalization


Digitalization is revolutionizing knowledge work. It is changing the way we work. But if the nature of work changes, then the way we organize work must also change.

Digitalization is changing the way we work.

Working in the 21st century is not compatible with rigid hierarchies and inflexible structures. They are being replaced by adaptable forms of work and organization that can keep up with the pace of digitalization.

Digitalization is changing how we organize work.

Instead of working in large silos, well-trained knowledge workers work in small, cross-functional teams. They are directly oriented toward customer benefits and continuously obtain feedback from real users.

Digitalization is changing the way we lead.

Companies that digitize need people who think for themselves. To ensure that information can circulate easily, management makes the free flow of communication possible. In other words, managers create the framework in which their employees can take responsibility and shape the processes themselves.

Digitalization is changing how we make decisions.

That is along short decision-making paths, without waiting times at interfaces, departmental and hierarchical boundaries. Decisions are always made exactly where they arise. A fast and structured processing of information makes this possible.

But where to start?

The best way is learning by doing.

Take the plunge. We work with you to develop an effective digitization strategy and support you in building teams. In the process, we make sure that awareness of agile values grows in departments that are still classically organized. So that your teams can work together cross-functionally.

With digitization, knowledge work is becoming a competitive advantage.

All companies that rely on knowledge work – such as insurance companies and banks – benefit from a well-implemented digitization strategy. But also those in research and development, mobility and other sectors where the pressure to digitize is increasing.

You create the conditions for digitalization yourself.

To develop up-to-date digital solutions, you must first create the right conditions: compact teams with short decision-making paths, the greatest possible autonomy, a modern working environment and agile basic knowledge in all departments. We accompany you in this process.

Your Strategy for Digitalization

We are convinced that there is no way around jumping in at the deep end. This makes the support of experienced consultants all the more important.