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The Customized Path to an Agile Organization

The organization of the future is flexible, resilient and self-confident. It cannot be forced into templates. With myScaled Agile we design with you the individual path for your organization.

Is Your Organization Ready for Agile Scaling?

The first teams in your company already deliver better solutions with Scrum, Kanban or another agile way of working? Now you want to extend this success story? With your self-defined scaling approach you create a framework in which several agile teams together deliver the right products for the needs of your customers. No matter whether you want to use this model for individual organizational units, entire business units or the entire organization. Start your individual scaling path now.

Scaled Agility

What makes agile processes so effective? Small, cross-functional teams that work on products in a focused and self-organized manner. For large projects you have to scale the agile methods accordingly.

This doesn’t change the principles and values of agility – but the complexity increases. You can counteract this uncertainty with sound advice.

What is Custom Scaling?

With myScaled Agile you become your own scale in scaling. Instead of pressing people and processes into given templates, we focus on their potentials. Based on these needs and requirements, we work together to find a truly appropriate path for your organization, which you can also develop yourself.

In doing so, we borrow from established scaling methods such as SAFe®, LeSS, Scrum@Scale, Nexus, Spotify model, Flight Levels, Sociocracy or the Viable System Model. We select those elements that are really useful for you and combine them to your customized solution.

Start Your Own Scaling Model

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Say goodbye to scaling blueprints! Get in contact with us and start your individual scaling journey.

Design your own scaling model

With the myScaled Agile Toolbox we design with you and your employees your own model for your specific context and identify from the existing frameworks those elements that are most appropriate for your company.

Learn & experiment

Test individual elements from the myScaled Agile Toolbox in small experiments and pilots together with your employees. This way you will find out which tools are the right ones for your organization and how you can adapt them.

Share your experience with others

Report confidently from your trip. Share your experiences within your organization and with other companies.

myScaled Agile Toolbox

The toolbox is structured according to the six building blocks of an agile organization. Behind each building block are several topics. Management Frameworks include, for example, the aspect of managing dependencies between teams as well as a collection of different meeting formats and tools, including a brief classification of the contexts in which they are best used.

  • Align management with markets and results through vision and strategic priorities
  • A modern view of human nature, corresponding leadership principles and a resulting change in the appearance of managers (from mere management to genuine leadership)
  • An open and transparent corporate culture to strengthen trust and motivate employees to take personal responsibility
  • Iterative and data-driven management tools with a focus on shorter decision, delivery and learning cycles
  • Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) as an exemplary instrument for the strategic level
  • Scaling frameworks such as SAFe® or LeSS as methods for the coordinate plane
  • Scrum and Kanban as exemplary methods for the operative level
  • Bottleneck oriented approaches in portfolio management and flexible variants of budget allocation to initiatives and projects
  • Customer-focused product development, supported by an inspiring vision, user-oriented innovation processes such as design thinking and data-validated personas
  • Focus on customer experience and identification of innovative solutions through customer journeys
  • Early delivery of customer value through consistent thinking in Minimum Viable Products
  • Regular and early learning through continuous testing of first results with real users
  • Technical knowledge (industry knowledge, changes in business models, trends, etc.)
  • Technological knowledge (state-of-the-art technologies, knowledge of technological alternatives, modern infrastructures for development, etc.)
  • Methodological knowledge (modern development and control methods, facilitation, workshop designs etc.)
  • Soft skills (development and promotion of team performance, communication, conflict resolution etc.)
  • A state-of-the-art technical infrastructure to provide optimal support for product development
    • Continuous delivery toolchain, automated testing and self-provisioning as examples for software development
    • 3D Printing, Simulation and Maker Tools for Hardware Product Development
  • Modern collaboration and communication tools (knowledge management systems, video and chat tools)
  • A spatial infrastructure in which creativity can unfold (open design principles, retreat, meeting and encounter zones as well as modern working tools such as whiteboards and flipcharts)
  • Modern workstations and equipment (mobile working concepts for free seating
    and device selection)
  • Flexible product- and service-oriented organizational structures with flat hierarchies. This means: product-oriented units to strengthen autonomy, cross-functionality and end-to-end responsibility
  • Central support units with the task of supporting the product-oriented units as internal customers
  • Flexible, small-scale and modular product architectures that are loosely coupled and thus strengthen resilience
  • Business and application expert teams that continuously develop the product architecture
  • A communication structure that supports the desired organizational and product architecture and is not hierarchically bound

In the myScaled Agile® Practitioner training series, you will learn about suitable processes and tools that you can use to develop, implement and continuously improve tailored scaling models for organizations.

Our experienced experts are certified in the various established scaling approaches. In recent years, we have accompanied many large-scale projects and led them to success. You too can benefit from our experience!

In the Agile Healthcheck, we work with you in a one to two week observation and analysis period to determine where you really stand in agile scaling, what is already working successfully and in which areas there is still unused potential.

You would first like to initiate an open exchange in your organization about scaling and possible optimizations? Then the Lightning Talk is the perfect impulse. We show how you can design your own scaling approach.


Our consultants are certified experts in the following scaling frameworks:

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Executive Consultant
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