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Humanocracy zerstört die Bürokratie

Während Agilität vor allem die Selbstorganisation fördert, will Humanocracy die radikale Auflösung aller Hierarchien erreichen. Dabei ebnen sechs Kernprinzipien den Weg zur neuen Organisationsform, schreibt…

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About borisgloger consulting

borisgloger consulting gmbh borisgloger professionals gmbh
Headquarters Westhafenplatz 1, 60327 Frankfurt am Main Wiedner Hauptstraße 15/7, 1040 Wien
Founding year 2008
Employees 70
Core business Scrum | Agility | Management Consulting | Agile Development Methods | Design Thinking | Test Driven Development | Agile Sketching | Pair- and Mob Programming
Services Consulting and Coaching for Professionals and Managers | Trainings and Certification |Agile Transition
Customers (excerpt) Audi | AutoScout24 | Commerzbank | FriendScout24 | FTI | HUKCoburg | ImmobilienScout24 | Raiffeisenbank International
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Profile borisgloger consulting, based in Frankfurt am Main, has been the first point of contact for agile transformation projects in the DACH region since 2010 and is a key driver of the future-oriented paradigm shift in business. A central focus of the consultancy is to support companies in developing ecologically, economically and humanly sustainable business practices and models. Specialized teams with a total of around 70 employees develop and implement sustainability strategies with their clients, support the successful use of agile working methods and coordinate the associated measures. Clients include corporations and SMEs from the automotive, finance, insurance and construction sectors.

The consulting company has always acted according to the principle of living itself what is recommended to the customers and takes its own social responsibility. In the spirit of the voluntary principle and on the basis of democratic team votes, employees make decisions on client projects, training opportunities or salary themselves. In addition, borisgloger consulting implements measures that continuously reduce its carbon footprint and strengthens the joy of self-organized learning among children and young people with the initiative "Scrum4Schools".

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