From the Agile Stonehenge to the Agile Next Generation – Why you need to see the broader picture

Since the first successful implementations of Scrum, Agile has run through an evolution. Today, it is more than Scrum. We talk about scaled solutions like LeSS or huge LeSS, about the Spotify model, OKR or Agile Leadership; to name a few. In this video, I give you a solid overview of the history of Agile. Why does that matter? Before you can find the right way for an organization, you’ll want to define where you are at the moment precisely.


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Boris Gloger Boris Gloger As the world's first Certified Scrum Trainer, Boris Gloger is one of the Scrum pioneers and a thought leader for new ways of working. He believes in Scrum not only because it produces better products in less time, but also because it can transform the workplace into a more humane place. Boris is a business consultant, author, serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and world-renowned Scrum and agility pioneer. “Agility” has always been more than a mere method to him: he was one of the first to realize that agile mindsets and ways of working have the power to completely transform organizations and thus make them fit for the 21st century. Numerous national and international companies follow his ideas on modern, agile management. As a father of two children, Boris has a strong desire to make a positive difference in society. That is why, among other things, he is committed to a radical reversal of the current education system, such as with the successful pilot project Scrum4Schools. He firmly believes that self-organization and the principle of a voluntary approach are the best ways to achieve goals and lead an independent life.

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