Agile in Industrial Automation: The Digital Transformation of Yokogawa

At Yokogawa, digital and agile transformation go hand in hand. New working and collaboration principles and methods are therefore finding their way at Yokogawa to enable the rapid development of customer-centric digital solutions. Thomas Schindler from Yokogawa and Lena Jeßen from borisgloger consulting talk about what exactly this looks like and what the next steps are in an interview with Christoph Schmiedinger from borisgloger consulting.

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Lena Jessen Lena Jessen Strategic thinking and practical implementation - Lena Jeßen can do both. Between these two poles, she creates clarity about the path to the goal. Based on her extensive leadership experience at various levels, Lena always strives for holistic change in an organization and also supports executives with coaching. Her credo: leading through action. Lena stands for directness and "just do it" and thus gets people moving. From Lena's point of view, two things are especially important for the joint development of something new: one's own desire to learn and the ability to actively listen and ask questions. This not only enables open and honest communication, but also the return of simplicity to a wide variety of workflows and processes - and that, after all, is the goal of agility.

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Christoph Schmiedinger Christoph Schmiedinger

Complex topics and challenging technologies? Christoph Schmiedinger is especially comfortable in these areas. He developed, among other things, digitalization strategies for large banks in Germany and Austria, and provides hands-on support for the transition from a traditional to an agile company. This native Austrian has worked with agile methods for almost ten years and has gained exceptional expertise in agile transitions and scaled projects, as well as in continued development of ERP and safety-critical systems. He shares his knowledge on these topics in trainings and as a speaker at various conferences. Christoph Schmiedinger is a great example of how being goal-oriented, open and humorous is the best combination. He also enjoys working with people from various cultures. For Christoph, commitment is one of the most important agile values because he appreciates the trust that is placed in him.

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