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Stop Estimating Complex Problems – Do This Instead

Estimating is a common practice in various industries, including software development. It involves predicting the time and effort required to complete a project or task….

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Why Developing AI Products Needs Agile on Steroids

Artificial intelligence. It’s all the rave. I remember walking into the office at the start of the year as ChatGPT was being rolled out. My…

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Being the Best Is Not a Strategy

In the world of business, everyone strives to be the best. We want to have the best product, the best service, and the best reputation….


Pizza Is Not Dead, and Neither Is Agility

Agile transformation is often a major investment for companies, both in terms of time and money. But it is not a one-time investment that you…

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Save Yourself Time and Gain Accuracy with Magic Estimation

It’s Wednesday, you’re in the middle of the sprint, and refinement is on the menu. Everybody joins the MS Teams call to discuss the stories…

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Embracing Business Agility Beyond Maturity Checks and Beauty Contests

In today’s fast-paced and competitive corporate landscape, agility has become a buzzword, with organisations striving to adopt agile frameworks and methodologies to stay ahead. However,…

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Know your problem, or you might work on the wrong solution. (How to create solutions like a pro.)

 Simon Sinek says: “Most leaders don’t even know the game they’re in.” The key to a good strategy is to define the problem correctly. No…

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Agile in internal auditing – but how do I approach it?  

Right now there is a lot of interest in Agile Audit. So we are currently receiving many requests from various internal audit departments expressing interest…

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Which Framework Suits My Organization?

Which framework suits your organization best can be an emotional topic. Everybody has their own opinion. Here goes mine: The Truth in Between Safe® ……

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Agile in Industrial Automation: The Digital Transformation of Yokogawa

At Yokogawa, digital and agile transformation go hand in hand. New working and collaboration principles and methods are therefore finding their way at Yokogawa to…



Agile ToolboxScaling Which Framework Suits My Organization? Steffen Bernd 21.07.2022 No Comments Which framework suits your organization best can be an emotional topic. Everybody has…

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