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Lean Startup: the safety line for every company

Harvard– experts have found that 75 percent of newly founded start-ups go bankrupt. That’s three out of four! But how do you get the right…

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Who recognizes the truly good ideas?

Is it in the human nature to reject novel ideas and look for reasons why they won’t work? The following situation is not uncommon in…

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Goodbye meeting marathon – Feel the liberation of going remote

In large organisations you might find yourself confronted with a common challenge – the illusive meeting timeslot. As a ScrumMaster, one of the first steps…

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Lean Coffee – the Caffeine Kick for your Meetings

Mornings, 9:30 am in Germany. A friendly regard from colleagues, a delicious Cappuccino and a waffle square filled with milk cream, chocolate and hazelnuts. Splendid…

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Scaling Agile – a different approach – Leadership 4.0

What do companies like Leap, Freitag, Patagonia and even Apple have in common? They came up with a different kind of leadership; In order to…

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Scaling Agile – a different approach – Do Scrum or any other Agile Management Framework

Scaling Agile can be a big challenge for companies as they have to make significant adjustments throughout the organization. However, how to manage this kind…

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I cannot see, what I do not know – why agile transitions need guidance.

Have you ever searched for something you did not know what it is, how it looks like or where you could find it? Sure you have. You even may…

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Scaling Agile – a different approach – Design Thinking

We have already discussed the impacts of scaling Agile on architecture, infrastructure and the skill set in the previous videos. In this episode, we focus…

Team Retrospective
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The Pull of the Retro

The Retrospective is perhaps the most challenging part of the Scrum process for a ScrumMaster. Although there are several ways to run a retro, the…



Design ThinkingTeam Who recognizes the truly good ideas? Steffen Bernd 08.01.2021 No Comments Is it in the human nature to reject novel ideas and look…

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