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Which Framework Suits My Organization?

Which framework suits your organization best can be an emotional topic. Everybody has their own opinion. Here goes mine: The Truth in Between Safe® ……

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Agile in Industrial Automation: The Digital Transformation of Yokogawa

At Yokogawa, digital and agile transformation go hand in hand. New working and collaboration principles and methods are therefore finding their way at Yokogawa to…


The Tree of Agile as an Orientation Point in the Jungle of Agile Terminology

Carsten Rasche & Constanze Rieß – translated by Lukas Simen In the initial phase of dealing with agile methods, one can quickly become overwhelmed. There…

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Personal OKRs: Don’t Put Off New Year’s Resolutions Any More

Surely everyone knows the thoughts that haunt you around the turn of the year and go something like this: “Next year I really ought to…


Agile transformations in the automotive sector: what’s changing now

Agile transformation is the answer of many companies that have been particularly affected and challenged by digitalisation in recent years. After e-commerce, telecommunications companies and…


Expanding Renewable Energies: How Companies Can Actively Accelerate the Energy Transition

A thought experiment to start with: It is the year 2032. You are asked for an interview in which you are to talk about your…


Why Biodiversity Concerns Us All – 3 Facts

How important are clean air, fertile soil and a summer meadow full of fragrant flowers to you? Admittedly: a trick question. But let’s be honest:…


Running Ahead of the Regulators: 5 Ideas on How Banks Can Start Implementing the Green Deal Today

The Green Deal and the resulting taxonomy as well as the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation are keeping many banks busy at the moment. Rightly so…


Less is More – and Tough

Be it in my personal or professional life, I observe a clear tendency to accumulate stuff: in my daily work with product owners, when it…

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Double-loop Learning: How Learning Leads to Culture Change

Every transformation – just like every change – must pass through the valley of tears. An introduction of Scrum is no exception. After all, the…



Agile ToolboxScaling Which Framework Suits My Organization? Steffen Bernd 21.07.2022 No Comments Which framework suits your organization best can be an emotional topic. Everybody has…

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