Case Studies

From panoramic roofs to charging stations—the original equipment manufacturer Webasto has been producing solutions for the automotive industry for decades. Due to increasing dynamism and new trends on the automotive market, the group started its customized agile transformation with the aim of moving away from product organization towards client-oriented product organization.
There is a substantial difference between building a school and building a smart city: the latter is much more complex. This translates into more stakeholders, more project participants, and more interfaces. Today, KfW Development Bank relies on agile ways of working to master such increasing complexity in international development cooperation.

A customer-focused, agile company is the goal of the agile transformation at Endress+Hauser Digital Solutions. The transformation demanded new structures, but also fundamental changes in the attitude and competencies of employees. But what to do when the central element of agile working – self-organization – requires competencies that are not yet sufficiently developed?

Whenever conversations turn to construction projects in Germany, it’s never long before jokes about the Berlin Airport (BER) development begin to flow. No other construction project demonstrates more clearly how disastrous the outcome can be when the focus is not on solutions but rather on securing one‘s own position by creating the greatest possible lack of transparency. The construction industry is no different to any other sector, though. Complex structures are to be created within a short timeframe and in top quality; and to do that, a multitude of contractually entangled parties are involved. Long
before BER came around, though, many were already asking themselves
whether there are more transparent forms of project management – and even agile forms – for major construction projects. Martin Otte and his team at
Otte Projektmanagement GmbH (OPM) have found an agile response to the
construction of industrial and test facilities for large corporations.

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With the appropriate tools, anyone can stream a webinar from their living room to the web today. But Erste Bank has other requirements: employees should be offered the highest quality content and technology in webinars for internal training. This is no problem for the webinar team, which works in an agile manner.

In the future, the Rhein-Ruhr-Express will operate at 15-minute intervals between Cologne and Dortmund. With the new trains also come new challenges: 52 train stations on the feeder routes – the “outer branches” – need to be updated. The DB Station&Service AG Regional Office West in Dusseldorf is responsible for these enhancements, and one of the most important processes is now running smoothly and punctually with the help of Scrum boards and a new meeting culture.

“If even a legal department can manage it, then others must be able to as well”, says Dr. Sascha Theißen, Senior Vice President Legal/General Counsel of the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group, with a generous dose of self-irony. I met him during the “Manage Agile 2014” where he told me he had introduced Kanban and the first Scrum ideas „pragmatically”…

Everyone thinks working in advertising agencies and their digital communication divisions is laid-back and relaxed. But in fact routine work is an exception in such an agency…

Feigning vs. doing: Oliver Zeiler has experienced the difference. He had already had experience with Scrum before joining ImmobilienScout GmbH – especially with how rigid corporate structures can lead to its failure if it is regarded simply as an instrument of project management and of self-reassurance…

“I would do it again and recommend Scrum to any other company,” admits Christian Popp, Head of IT Risk Management at arvato infoscore, bluntly. “The values of the Agile Manifesto help to quickly build good and, above all, innovative software.”

Self-organization and flexibility are often not as natural for people in hierarchical companies as one would think. Sometimes it is even perceived as threatening when these freedoms are made possible. The introduction of Scrum sometimes makes fears, decision-making weaknesses and tensions in the organization very clearly visible.

The best things in life often happen by chance. In 2007, Stefan Klein, head of the Infonova Software Engineering department at Infonova in Graz, was faced with the realization of a new project.

In order to be prepared for the (digital) future, RBG launched a digitization initiative in 2015. A key cornerstone of this initiative is the “Digital Regional Bank” program. The vision:

Distinctly faster and more efficient: that is how updates in the EWE customer management and invoicing system are to be implemented in future. The demands placed on such a system have risen drastically, not least due to legal requirements associated with the energy turnaround, for example…

There are usually two options open to you when faced with challenges: either you simply carry on along the same path as before or you analyse the situation to see if there is a different way that would address weak points more effectively. AutoScout24 resolutely decided on the latter option…

E-Government ist in Österreich nicht ohne das Bundesrechenzentrum (BRZ) denkbar. Mit rund 1.200 Mitarbeitern, bei einem Jahresumsatz von 221 Mio. Euro (2009), entwickelt das BRZ erfolgreich E-Government-Services, u.a. für Bundesministerien, Universitäten, Sozialversicherungsträger und staatsnahe Organisationen.


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