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Agility and self-organization - Where does the agile idea come from? What does it take for self-organization to work? What are misconceptions that are often played in this context? Arne Schröder from Kurswechsler GmbH talks to Boris Gloger, who has witnessed and shaped the emergence of the agile idea from the very beginning.

Spotify described its organizational model in great detail a few years ago. This has led many companies to adopt this "Spotify model". Christoph Schmiedinger is our guest, who has written a whitepaper that is well worth reading entitled "Role model Spotify? - What they should consider before copying the organizational model".

According to Boris, salary and power/status often get in the way. In addition, management often spends more of a company's resources on itself on average, rather than on the rest of the employees. Elaborate and expensive training is often only available at management level.

Boris Gloger spoke with Leoind Lezner from Firmenfunk Podcast about whether leadership is even necessary in an agile world where everyone is supposed to be working in a self-organized fashion. How can classic management lead to the transformation of a new paradigm?

Stefan Riemert from SV Informatik GmbH explains in his conversation with Boris Gloger how agile methods allow for high flexibility. In addition, he gives insight about his experience on introducing SCRUM in his company.

Dr. Mirko Haase (DB Systel GmbH / Deutsche Bahn) talks about the restructuring of DB Systel into an agile and self-organized networked organization. He also goes into detail on the newly achieved agility at Softwareforen Leipzig GmbH.

I was invited to an interview with Dominik Ehrenberg from “My SCRUM is Broken”. He wanted to know my views on self-organization and to explain what exactly it is. We talked for an hour about the fundamentals of good management and the apparent contradiction between leadership and management.

Dominik Ehrenberg, one of the initiators of “My SCRUM is broken”, asked Boris Gloger to collaborate on a podcast about his book “SCRUM Think b!g – Scrum for Large Projects, Distributed Teams and Differing Cultures”.